Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks mit Message an Putin

"Ich hoffe, Sie werden unsichtbar"

Gegen den Einmarsch der russischen Truppen in die Ukraine protestieren auch Künstlerinen und Künstler vehement. So hat die US-amerikanische Sängerin Stevie Nicks mit einem Post Aufsehen erregt. In diesem lässt die Singer-Songwriterin ihrem Ärger freien Lauf.

Are you lonely, Mr. Putin? Is that why you sit at your long, long, marble, table, alone in the night and through the day~ And talk to ghosts,

Because you really have no friends~ everyone is afraid of you; afraid to even offer up good advice, because great emperors don’t listen to anyone but ghosts.

Your ghosts must be shaking their heads concerning the killing of children and young people and destroying the houses of young families just for sport. Your ghosts disapprove.

Your athletes, great writers, extraordinary ballerinas~ your amazing creative history. Even with all that beauty that stands behind you, you will never be forgiven. You ghosts will haunt you night and day.

They will shake their heads and say, ‘This time, Vladimir~ you went too far. You crossed a sacred line. You tried to take a beloved country away from its beloved people. So far, you are responsible for hundreds of dead (including civilians and children), thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of people are running for their lives... And it is just the beginning.

I hope you never sleep again. I hope you sit at that long, ugly, lonely table for the rest of your life. I hope your ghosts surround you until you are old and grey and miserable. I hope the history books in your country cease to ever write another word about you.

I hope you turn to dust. I hope you become invisible. I hope you become ‘the forgotten one'~ And that you become ‘a complete unknown ~ with no direction home...’ The ghosts are coming Mr. Putin. They’re coming for you.

Perhaps, they’re already here.

Stevie Nicks ist Sängerin der Kult-Band "Fleetwood Mac" und tourte mit den Dixie Chicks, den Pretenders und Sheryl Crow.

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